Casa Yvonneka is consistently a top-rated luxury rentals Puerto Vallarta on Trip Advisor because of the many amenities enjoyed by our guests, including our sparkling, heated infinity pool with its beautiful view of Banderas Bay. However, sometimes our guests want to explore the beautiful beaches in our area, and our luxury vacation villa is within easy walking distance to the best beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

Mantamar Beach Club & Sushi

On the south side of Los Muertos Beach, this popular beach club features an infinity pool, beach loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms with lockers and a beach-chic restaurant with a menu designed by Chef Thierry Blouet of the famed Café des Artistes.

Paul MiraldiPaul Miraldi
23:49 06 Aug 22
Service is good. Fun club. But triple check your bill when you get it. They’re notorious for over charging. I also added a 20% tip at check out that became a 30% tip. Check you bill and make sure all the charges were actually incurred.
Ted DiazTed Diaz
18:10 26 Jul 22
Had an absolute blast here on a Saturday. The drinks were strong and the crowd was amazing. Such a fun time. We met so many great people here, some who we partied with during the remainder of our stay in PV. I’ve been to many day-party kind of places but none quite like this (the crowd was exclusively LGBT) which I loved! This is definitely a place we will visit repeatedly the next few years.
Giovanny HernandezGiovanny Hernandez
00:37 08 Jul 22
I had a great time at Mantamar pool. The music for memorial day weekend was lit. The aguachile was fire and the drinks were so good as well. The prices are not over the top which is much appreciated.
Cyd ZeiglerCyd Zeigler
04:54 21 May 22
We have so much fun every time we go. Whether it's for a chill afternoon or for a fun party day. Good music. Very good food. The Baja tacos are great.
18:51 09 Apr 22
800 peso cover fee, with very little pay off. The pool is nice, but not worth the steep entrance fee. The service is mediocre, and the drinks are very expensive, the food is average at best. Save your money and go next door, where the service is exceptional, and they don’t charge you to sit down.
Pat WPat W
16:08 07 Feb 22
You will probably enjoy mantamar for the pool parties and the drinks. The servers there try to swindle you. I ran a tab with David. I closed the tab with him. He was pushing me to tip him a certain amount. When I did the math it was higher than I would normally tip but figured it was fine because of the volume of drinks we had had.Two others in our group and on my tab went to David to make sure everything was good. He claimed that they don't run tabs at the bar and they would need to pay cash. They then gave him 1000 pesos to pay their part of the tab.We went back to mantamar the following day to dispute this and spoke with Ana. After some back and forth, she said she couldn't find record of our friends paying the 1000 pesos.As this was not fixed ever, I assume David pocketed the 1000 pesos.I get that 1000 pesos doesn't translate to a lot in USD but if this the practice, I'm sure the money adds up.
Nick BrownNick Brown
05:18 01 Feb 22
Mantamar is where you want to be seen. Hedonism at the finest::: their 500 pesos cover charge is a bit rich, but they provide comfortable loungers and towels. The food is expensive, but good. Forget about mixed drinks, all watered down, stick to beer. The waiters demanded their tip be based on the total bill including a percentage on the cover charge. That was a bit of a stretch, then to argue with you if you didn't take the cover charge into consideration when tipping. Mantamar is okay maybe once a week, next door it Ritmos is just fine.
Edze PlantingaEdze Plantinga
03:26 16 Jan 22
My Chicken was raw ,I complained, the comment of the waiter was, you like it cooked.The dessert are disappointing. Wines are priced ok.
Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson
00:36 31 Dec 21
we love Mantamar but the general prices and waiter expectations have become outrageous. so 1500p pp for the chairs and then more for food and drinks - no problem - we are happy to pay. but expecting a beachgoer to tip ON the chair fee is ridiculous. Sergio is a nice guy but hardly a 4 star waiter - seriously they are crazy if they expect a tip off the chair fee. i feel embarrassed for them as they have been conditioned to raise an artificial wounded warrior pose expecting more for delivering towels and a few smiles. Mantamar needs to train staff a bit better to accept those who are more generous and walk away from those who are more pragmatic.
Ben ZweigBen Zweig
04:46 10 Nov 21
We had a great time on 3 total visits to Mantamar. Our waiter Billy was the best! Drinks are actually quite good. Our favorite way to visit is to buy day passes for beach chairs, but be warned: you will be accosted every minute by beach vendors selling everything from drugs to tattoos, oysters and coconuts, bracelets, bags and massages. You’ll also get some aggressive sales from Mantamar’s own massage therapists.Tips: day pass is cheaper earlier in the week, lockers are convenient, reserve in advance for busy weeks, don’t get caught without a wristband.

Swell Beach Bar

For a more casual beach club on Los Muertos Beach, Swell is a great option with loungers and umbrellas on the beach and a cool castaway vibe. Tip: We love their “big salads” from the lunch menu.

Swell Beach Bar

Swell Beach Bar
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Mor GanMor Gan
21:48 04 Aug 22
They will steal your money. The manager charged us more than they used to few days ago for the same thing. We will never go back. Be careful about your bills.
Ken YoungKen Young
15:38 26 Jul 22
This place is a hidden gem, the staff is friendly and on top of it. Locals know this is the place to go. Tipping the staff extra goes a long way. My favorite food there is the fresh seared Tuna, but there are many good food items on the menu.
Christian CarreonChristian Carreon
04:55 11 Jun 22
great service the staff was always there when you need them, the food was also nice and the location is great just by the water
Nicole RNicole R
05:40 18 May 22
We are so glad we found this place while on vacation! Best service hands down and the shrimp and steak tacos were delicious! If speedy is there than try to get seated with him, otherwise everyone else was great too!
19:10 14 Mar 22
Service is excellent. Jimmy is magnificent! Ordered chicken quesadilla, margaritas and beers. Delicious! Can’t beat the view.
Bill O'GormanBill O'Gorman
08:49 04 Mar 22
Great spot to relax by the water. Only have to spend $1000 pesos and can sit on the beach!
Chelsea DChelsea D
19:07 24 Feb 22
First come first serve beach chairs, 50 pesos per person, which is hard to find as most places are reservation only or at least $60 USD per person. However bathrooms are a little walk away depending on where you are sitting, wifi is also spotty. Quick service for drinks though.EDIT: as previously stated, Salvador certainly did most charge us 100 pesos for chairs, and then further charged us appropriately for our beverages. Maybe ask the guys running the bar/restaurant close to the bathrooms for assistance so you don’t get charged!
Ted GushoTed Gusho
16:49 12 Feb 22
Awesome place, great service food and prices. Best on the beach!
Todd Asevedo, SPHRTodd Asevedo, SPHR
23:29 03 Feb 22
So so so bummed that the owner went this direction. We have loved Swell a long time and love the waiters too (Speedy etc etc). The owner has decided that the prices should be very close to the US. We were there for a couple hours and the bill was $150 US. 2 well Margie’s each and a couple tacos and Guacamole. It pains we to write this but I could eat fine dining with a sunset view in the rest of PV for the same prices. $14 well margaritas (with tip). The place is still crowded (it takes people a while to find out the new reality) and if you are on vacation it’s no big deal. The issue is that you can do much better other places and eventually it will be known what strategy he has taken. He used to cater to the expat crowd and now it’s about the short term payoff. Too bad. We will have an amazing dinner/show/and drinks tonight for the same price as our short stop at the beach at Swell… Hard review to write but I am loyal to businesses that are loyal to me and don’t get me wrong I am not on a fixed income and prices are up everywhere but I hate tourist traps. .
Kassie EKassie E
19:51 16 Jan 22
This used to be my fav beach hang out. But it’s changed. Not sure if it’s new owners or new cooks but the food is no longer good. My turkey cranberry sandwich was served on a rock hard bun when it used to be served on nice bread. The turkey itself was so dry I couldn’t even swallow it. Their onion rings are horrible giant things not good at all. Prices are high and was told need to have a min bill of $500 pesos to lay down. Not to mention you are getting bombarded every 30 secs from vendors it’s not relaxing it’s not enjoyable. Luckily I found a new spot on the other end with better food/prices/atmosphere
chris whittakerchris whittaker
16:57 06 Jan 22
We love swell. Private beach, buckets of beer, workers are fast. Coconut shrimp is awesome!
Gabriela EscandónGabriela Escandón
23:37 25 Dec 21
Too bad they didn't want my business because I spoke Spanish to them. Totally discriminatory. Go to Sapphire better, much better service and food. Never again.
Rahul DodhiaRahul Dodhia
20:39 20 Jun 21
Nice friendly beach front bar. Small, and easy to miss with its larger neighbors on either side. Actually, they all seemed the same, offering the same level of hospitality, food and lounge chairs and umbrellas. Also a small towel.You ask the waiter for a place to sit or lie down. No charge for the lounger, but they would like you to eventually order something. No pressure, though. Prices are very reasonable.Bathrooms are clean. I think there were 4, all single person.The beach is fine. Sandy without seaweed or rocks. The waves carry a punch, though.
Barry PoholkaBarry Poholka
21:24 18 Feb 20
Looking for a place to sit back and relax on a gorgeous beach while enjoying a meal and beverages, Swell Beach bar on Playa Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta, is the place for you. The bar has numerous tables and umbrellas set up on the sandy beach for your enjoyment.. steps away from the water, the food was tasty and hot, while the drinks where ice cold, service was good and the staff were super friendly, prices were reasonable. Recommended. Barry 🇨🇦

Sapphire Ocean Club

A beach club which also offers a gourmet dining experience and a pool, Sapphire offers free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations to keep you connected, loungers and umbrellas, and courtesy “aqua frescas”.

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Charlotte ParnellCharlotte Parnell
15:37 16 Aug 22
Nice place to spend the day which access to the pool and use of the sun beds and tower provided. Not too experience for entry fee either ($300). Staff were great and friendly. Place was nice and clean too and easily accessible.
Ethan Cantil-VoorheesEthan Cantil-Voorhees
17:34 15 Aug 22
Lovely place directly on the beach. Just a few rooms, the hosts are super lovely and welcoming.
Love sapphire! Great spot to relax and service was really good. Sergio, our waiter, was really attentive and makes us feels so welcoming. Thank you sapphire. Definitely going back next time i go back to PV.
Brandon SonnBrandon Sonn
23:26 30 May 22
Rented beach chairs on a busy day. The constant hawking of merch by beach peddlers was absolutely a burden, especially since we paid for chairs. Dunno if this can be helped legally but damn was it a detriment. Staff was not terribly attentive and grouchy. Wouldn't return. Ocean view and sand were great.
Tyler JordanTyler Jordan
20:37 27 May 22
I really wanted to enjoy this place because our hotel owns it and recommended it but the experience was horrible. Made a reservation 3 days prior for 6 people, got there and only 4 chairs. Had to convince them to add two more. Took another 30 minutes to get the first round and then after being there for 3 hours we only got one more round. Overall service was terrible and then the server got mad that we were frustrated. Ended up apologizing for getting so upset with us but I do not recommend this place. I wish I could but I ended up leaving frustrated and disappointed.
Rock HardyRock Hardy
19:20 27 May 22
Nice views. Good Music. Beautiful terrace. Pool is OK. Beach is nice as it gets. I ordered the day’s combo, that day was shrimp burger and it was very good with quality of ingredients. Portion size is rather small for American standards but it did the job, no fries were included. The combo included a blue margarita but lacked flavor 🤷🏽‍♂️. Overall, nice place with small portions but quality food. I’ll come back for the beach.
Jeremy ReigelJeremy Reigel
18:00 10 May 22
Sapphire is my favorite beach spot! Wonderful, full loungers, great service, food and drinks…always!
Max McGregorMax McGregor
00:58 30 Apr 22
Mixed feelings here. Our waiter Oscar didn’t seem too friendly, esp when compared to other staff. But we kept coming bc the location is great and drinks are good. Last day we purposely took chairs outside his ‘zone’ and Danny was fantastic.
TheMassageGuy CoryTheMassageGuy Cory
05:14 19 Apr 22
Food and drinks are good but service is not great. The waiter barely checked on us even when it wasn't busy. Beach front is nice.
Stephanie KStephanie K
21:15 17 Apr 22
Incredible deal, great service and drinks. Just wish they had some restrictions on the amount of vendors that can enter,. Ut otherwise highly recommend.
20:03 17 Mar 22
The place is great and the wait staff really hustles. But don't waste your money on a week's pass. I bought one to reserve a spot for the week and showed up the next day to find out your spot is only reserved if you show up by 11am! It is in the fine print, but no one mentioned it. So frustrated and disappointed!
04:24 16 Jan 22
You’d want to spend the day there, with everything at your finger tips at a very reasonable cost. They are attentive but a little slow (they get really packed, kinda understandable). The day pass is about $15USD each; totally worth it, towels included. They also have a private dipping pool by the bar area.Our guy Junior really took care of us over the past few days! Great service, friendly, and he goes out of his way to make sure we are comfortable! Amazing experience, it’s gonna be hard to go back to reality:)
Ellen RubinEllen Rubin
03:18 16 Jan 22
First of all a huge shout out to Junior!! He provided us with amazing service and was so nice and accommodating! This place is wonderful! Spent the day here with my two kids. Everything was great— the food, the chairs, the towels, amenities and the clientele. Everyone was friendly! They have comfortable beach chairs, clean absorbent towels and the food was excellent. The bathrooms were clean and well attended to and the shower and pool were a much appreciated respite to the salt water. We had such a great time we can’t wait to come back! Thank you to everyone at Sapphire!
robert henryrobert henry
06:51 12 Dec 21
Great service. Great food. Nice setting. Love going here. The best french fries I have ever had are here. Delicious!!!
Craig LawrasonCraig Lawrason
12:03 05 Dec 21
A bargain compared to other beach clubs and the food, drinks and service are top notch! Feels like you're spoiling yourself. Highly recommend the Aguachile!!
Ronnie R.Ronnie R.
02:22 23 Nov 21
1st time here. Loved the chairs. Loved the food. Loved the drinks. Service was a little slow but it was very busy. Overall highly recommend. 5 stars!!!

A fabulous location is just one of the reasons that Casa Yvonneka guests return again and again, for perfect Puerto Vallarta vacations.

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