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An Overview of Casa Yvonneka

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Casa Yvonneka offers grandeur on a scale that can suit a variety of group needs. Accommodating anywhere from 6 to 14 bedrooms, the villa can comfortably host up to 34 guests. This makes it ideal for large families, friend reunions, or even corporate retreats. Imagine sprawling out in over 20,000 square feet of luxurious space, complete with a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with the vibrant Mexican aesthetic.

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Casa Yvonneka's privileged location on the Puerto Vallarta hillside offers the best of both worlds: breathtaking views and easy access to the city's vibrant core. A short 10 minute walk brings you to the Romantic Zone, a hotspot known for its art galleries, charming boutiques, and delectable restaurants. The world-famous Los Muertos Beach is also within easy reach, promising sun-soaked relaxation.

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One of the hallmarks of Casa Yvonneka is its exceptional service. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with a warm welcome, complete with cocktails and appetizers. A dedicated staff of seven ensures your every need is met, from housekeeping to concierge services. A private chef is also included, creating culinary masterpieces that showcase fresh, local flavors.

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Chef Malena offers a complete repertoire, from Continental to Mexican, which also includes Hungarian cuisine. Sunday service includes breakfast or brunch and housekeeping. We arrange a shopping list and supply all food and beverage at cost. Paying attention to detail we plan meals before your visit to your requirements. Typical food & beverage costs are around $30 - $50 USD per day


Casa Yvonneka has garnered a reputation for excellence, consistently receiving rave reviews from guests. Accolades include the Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice Award and a Certificate of Excellence, signifying its commitment to providing an unforgettable stay. Reviewers highlight the exceptional staff, the high-quality amenities, and the overall luxurious feel of the villa.

Guest Reviews of Casa Yvonneka

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Casa Yvonneka goes beyond simply providing a luxurious space to stay. It offers a variety of experiences to make your vacation truly special. An on-site gym allows you to stay active, while upgraded Wi-Fi keeps you connected. The villa can also arrange for spa services at the villa itself or unforgettable excursions like private yacht cruises. Whether you're seeking a family reunion filled with laughter, a celebratory getaway with friends, or a corporate retreat that fosters creativity and connection, Casa Yvonneka provides the perfect backdrop to create memories that will last a lifetime.


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