It’s no secret that the best way to prevent skin damage and premature aging is by using sunscreen. But we also know that the hours can pass by so easily laying by the beautiful heated, infinity pool at Casa Yvonneka or enjoying the outdoor living spaces at our luxury villa rental in Puerto Vallarta, and sometimes, before you know it….ouch!….you’ve managed to get a sunburn.

At Casa Yvonneka, it’s always our goal to ensure guests fully enjoy their luxury vacation with us, and we have a few post-sunburn skincare tips so that if you do happen to overexpose yourself to the sun, it won’t ruin your Puerto Vallarta holiday.

Here are some of your best natural options for sunburn pain relief


Juice straight from an aloe plant is the best form to use on your sunburn. To access the juice, slit open an aloe leaf and use a spoon to extract the liquid from inside before applying it to the burned area. If you don’t have access to an aloe plant or need to cover a larger surface area, you can find all-natural aloe vera gel in many stores and pharmacies.

Coconut Oil

The fats found in coconut oil can help protect and soften burned skin. To use coconut oil on a sunburn, first cool the area with cool (but not cold) water, using a damp cloth or in a bath or shower. Then apply the coconut oil to the affected area. It will gradually absorb into the skin and soothe the burn.


Oatmeal is a common natural remedy for soothing skin irritation. For a sunburn, you can create a paste with ground-up rolled oats, milk, and honey to apply to the area. Alternatively, you can create a sachet of ground oatmeal using a tied-off sock or cheesecloth and let it steep in a tepid bath. (Note: Don’t put loose oats in the bath unless you want to scrub a big mess out of the tub later!) Relax in the bath and let the oatmeal-infused water work on your skin, squeezing the sachet occasionally to extract more of its essence into the water.

Witch Hazel or Tea

Witch hazel and tea both contain tannins, a natural compound which can help reduce inflammation, making them great choices to use topically on a sunburn. Create a compress by pouring witch hazel or cooled tea (made from black or green tea leaves) onto a clean cloth and then apply it to the sunburned area. Leave the cloth in place, and reapply the tea or witch hazel as needed. For an extra cooling effect, add mint leaves when you brew tea for this purpose.

Baking Soda or Cornstarch

There are multiple ways to treat sunburn pain using baking soda or cornstarch. You can create a paste using water and either baking soda or cornstarch and apply it gently to the sunburned area. You also can put baking soda in a lukewarm bath and soak in it for sunburn relief. Dusting your skin with cornstarch is another way to use it and though it might be a bit messy, it reduces painful friction between your sunburned skin and clothes, making it easier to get dressed and to sleep on sheets.


Sunburned skin gets dry, and you may also have gotten a bit dehydrated while you were out in the sun. Drink water and eat hydrating foods, including juicy fruits such as grapes, watermelon, or oranges.

And of course, the best course of action is to prevent a sunburn from happening at all, so remember to reapply often while you are enjoying your time outside and particularly after taking a swim in the sparkling pool of our luxury Puerto Vallarta vacation rental.

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