One of the many reasons Casa Yvonneka is a top-rated luxury Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals on Trip Advisor is for our easy, walkable access to the best attractions in Puerto Vallarta, including the famous Malecon.  The Malecon or Boardwalk is truly the heart of Puerto Vallarta, where you will find public art and free live performances that will make your holiday photos and videos fantastic, including the iconic bronze sculptures by various famous Mexican artists that line the walkway. But not all the sculptures are cast of bronze, in fact, some of the most impressive sculptures on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon are much humbler in material but just as beautifully crafted – the Puerto Vallarta sandcastles.

Local sand artists spend days and weeks creating these incredible works of art for the public to enjoy. Their creations are often inspired by the history and culture of Puerto Vallarta and the natural beauty found in our region. Their mastery of the medium is amazing, with sculptures reaching heights and widths larger than your average automobile.

When you visit the Malecon sandcastles during your Puerto Vallarta vacation, be sure to leave a small donation in the marked boxes for the artists, particularly if you are taking photos, as contributions to allow them to continue their public art projects.

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