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Tailored to Perfection: Exclusive Personalized Style & Service

At Casa Yvonneka, luxury meets personal touch. Every corner of the villa echoes a harmony of exclusivity and meticulous attention to detail. With its distinguished style, it’s an abode that turns vacations into unforgettable experiences. Every moment feels tailored, every whim catered to, ensuring families and friends unite in a realm of unparalleled luxury.

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An Ode to Hospitality: Full-Time Staff at Your Beck and Call

Enter a world where your needs aren’t just met but anticipated. With a full-time staff, from diligent housekeepers to adept bar attendants, your stay is as smooth as silk. Their dedication isn’t just about service; it’s about creating memories infused with perfection.

Culinary Extravagance: On-Site Cooks for a Gastronomic Fiesta

Food isn’t just about taste; it’s an experience, a journey. And at Casa Yvonneka, this journey is nothing short of extraordinary. With an on-site cook, every meal is a masterpiece waiting to be relished. Whether you have a penchant for local flavors or wish for a taste from home, your culinary desires are fulfilled with a touch of elegance.


Bask in opulence with 14 exquisitely designed rooms. Each room tells a story of comfort, style, and luxury. Whether it’s the plush bedding, the panoramic views, or the intricacies of the décor, the rooms are sanctuaries of relaxation. And with the capacity to host up to 32 guests, it’s a place where memories bloom.

Bask in Nature’s Embrace: A Glorious Climate

Puerto Vallarta, especially during the festive season, is a meteorological marvel. Gentle sunrays, a soft whispering breeze, and temperate evenings create an ambiance that’s both invigorating and serene. The villa, with its vantage location, lets you soak in this splendor in the lap of luxury.

A Treasure Trove of Activities: Puerto Vallarta Awaits

Step out and immerse in the vibrancy of Puerto Vallarta. From water adventures that get your pulse racing to cultural experiences that enrich the soul, there’s a plethora of activities. Every day is an adventure, a story waiting to be lived.

Casa Yvonneka: An Experience Beyond Words

Casa Yvonneka isn’t just a stay; it’s a tale of luxury, comfort, and memories. Its uniqueness lies not just in its structure or services, but in the myriad experiences it promises. It’s where festive celebrations find a home amidst luxury.  Destination Puerto Vallarta New Year 2024

Botanical Garden Puerto Vallarta

We can arrange a trip to see Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

Tour & Culinary Adventure, Your all-inclusive choice for visiting Vallarta Botanical Gardens
Come & Experience: Culinary Adventure, Vanilla Plantation, Plant Conservatories, Hiking Trails, Forest Preserve, Garden Gift Shop & Plant Nursery.

Gallery Dantes Puerto Vallarta

Perhaps your team would like us to organise a visit to Galleria Dante,
Puerto Vallarta’s largest and most eclectic art gallery. Representing more than 60 artists for over 30 years.

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